We welcome you to the world of «Kitrino» a world full of handmade creations made with love, care, attention and a lot of passion for all of you.

Το Κίτρινο- χειροποίητες δημιουργίες

On our page you will find handmade creations and accessories for the baby, the (future) mom and dad, such as mei tai pouches, handkerchiefs and breastfeeding scarves, cases for children’s health booklets, baby dowry (everyone, pillows, wall pockets and bedding, adjustment baskets), capes for the babies who wear their babies in a purse but are also an ideal solution for our midwives.

Our products aim to give practical solutions to your daily life, to make carefree and unique moments with your babies, having your own personal style, as well as to decorate their room, giving vitality and color.


The handmade mei tai pouch is the best choice for calm and pleasant walks, cuddling with your baby. Ideal for newborns as the baby is perfectly supported and mom or dad can use their hands at the same time. It consists of a central body, where the baby sits and 4 straps with which the purse is tied to the body of the adult. It is the ideal choice for long trips, chores, vacations.

Το Κίτρινο- χειροποίητο μάρσιπο

Cases for Children's Books

Health booklets have a very thin cover, so they dissolve in the slightest. For this reason, Yellow created wonderful cases, in many designs and colors, lined with a special material that strengthens them and makes them very durable. This is how they protect the booklets, making them at the same time cute and presentable.


Handmade scarves for young and old.

Το Κίτρινο- Κασκόλ για μικρούς






Το Κίτρινο- Κασκόλ για μεγάλους

Handmade creations in separate designs and with the best quality.

Baby Room Decoration

Το Κίτρινο- Διακόσμηση Βρεφικού Δωματίου

Everything, arrangement baskets, organization cases and much more come to decorate and accompany your baby. In a variety of colors and designs for all tastes, we can create together, the ideal set for the baby room you dream of.


Our handmade cape is wonderful for midwives throughout pregnancy, ideal for the little ones who carry their baby in a purse but also a wonderful coat for all women. The fabrics (velvet fabric on the outside and 100% cotton on the inside) are chosen with special care so that they are perfectly compatible with the skin, without causing allergies to adults, babies and children. Children’s capes are also sewn on request

Το Κίτρινο- χειροποίητες Κάπες για μανούλες
Το Κίτρινο- σετ για Βάφτιση


Handmade creations for baptism.