Handmade creations!

About us

“Kitrino” is a small, family business from Thessaloniki. Yellow is a Greek word, a color that matches everything else and that is why we finally preferred it as the name of our work.

We are an online store that accepts orders online through our e-shop. What does this mean; In practice, this means that while there is no physical store and we operate only through the internet, our page provides the ability to add products to the cart for their direct purchase.

How we work

We chose our page to be a showcase of our creations, an exhibition gallery, because all our creations are based on our inspirations or the inspirations of the friends of our page and all our products are handmade and not standard industrial mass production products.

All stages of idea, design and creation go through our hands.

In addition, we are interested in communicating with you, to know you and to know us, to treat you as a friend who wants to make a purchase and not necessarily as a customer who just “clicked”. Through communication you can tell us how you think about your creation and we, with our many years of experience, will suggest you various ideas to help you in your choice.

In “Kitrino” you have the option to obtain your own unique and original design, which will suit your style and style.

Our Workshop

Our fabrics, threads, ornaments, buttons and lace are of exceptional quality. Everything is carefully selected by us and stored in our space. Many of our decorative ornaments, such as fabric buttons, knitted flowers and others are made by Greek craftsmen.

In all our orders customers receive a small gift, either a handmade soap or a bag of lavender.

We make sure to procure all our materials, mostly from Greek companies and Greek artisans.

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