Written by “To Kitrino” Posted: March 02, 2021
Product / service guarantee

All products or services have the warranty specified by the manufacturer. The manufacturer is responsible for the terms and duration of the warranty as well as for its observance. For any relevant questions you can contact the Telephone Order and Support Center.

How to order

The orders can be registered electronically through the eshop, tokitrino.gr or by phone at 6948807305

You can also contact us at e-mail: tokitrino@gmail.com

Once you contact us, you will be informed about the exact cost, payment method and shipping method of your order.

Payment methods

You can pay for your order in the following ways:

– By cash on delivery to the driver of the transport company.

– By money transfer / e-banking transfer or deposit at the checkout to the following account:


IBAN: GR4001407300730002002004203

Beneficiary Name: Kyriaki Vamvakari

Shipping Costs / Free Delivery

Orders throughout Greece are shipped through the cooperating transport company,.

transportation costs

Minimum Transportation Cost: 3 euros inside Attica & 3 euros outside Attica

Cash on delivery: 1.50 euros

The cost is valid for a weight of up to 2 kg. For each additional kg there is an additional minimum charge of 0.60 euros.

We try so that all orders registered in our system until 14:00, will leave the next day if it is working and if all the products that make it up are in stock.

Delivery times for orders through our transport company for Greece are 1-3 working days

In case of prepayment via e-banking / deposit in the account of “To Kytrino” please for the timely sending of the deposit receipt by e-mail.

For products that are not in stock, the listed days (7-10 days) refer to working days, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays and are valid as long as the product is in stock to the supplier so that we can pick it up and send it to you.